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I’m Tom, passionate about a range of interests from sports and travel to food and IT. On this blog, I focus on sharing my insights and passions about IT and technology.

My Background

My journey began in the early ’80s with the C64, then the Amiga, and later it became my profession. Professionally, I have experienced everything from DOS, Novell, and Unix, through data center technology, to the current era of cloud computing. When blogs started to emerge, I wrote about Linux and Open Source, and later about Apple products and macOS software. Then, I lost my interest in blogs. Professionally, I am now in the field of marketing for an IT company, but of course, I am still interested in everything to do with technology – but now from a different perspective, here and there.

The Blog

Perhaps due to the fast-paced times, my interest in retro computers has grown. Maybe that’s why I’m interested in blogging again. So, I’m returning to my roots to write about topics that currently excite me, such as software trends, retro computers, the world of microcontrollers, and still Open Source, Mac, and much more. I come from Bavaria, Germany. English is therefore not my native language. So, don’t be surprised if you see a screenshot here and there in German. 😉

I look forward to sharing my experiences and thoughts with you and hope that you will find inspiration and information in my posts. Welcome and enjoy reading!