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Hello, I am Tom 👋

I write about retro computing, Apple, Linux, and more, reflecting my tech passion on my blog.

My interest in computers and technology started in the early 80s. Like many others of my age in Germany at that time, my first computer was a C64. This was followed by several Amigas, an Atari ST and my hobby turned into my profession. Professionally, I’ve encountered a broad spectrum, from DOS, through Novell, Unix, then Microsoft, to data centers and cloud technologies. Although I now work in marketing, still within the IT industry, my passion remains.

In this blog, I share my personal interests and hobbies, which include retro computing, programming, a lot about Apple, but also Linux. Through my posts, I aim to share my experiences with like-minded people.

Enjoy reading my blog! Your thoughts and comments are always welcome and appreciated, so please feel free to share them.